Trenchcoat marketing … it’s not what you think.

BrandChannel, Can BurberrySpace Help Reposition A Luxury Fashion Brand?, September 17, 2009

Burberry, intent on holding onto its recently upgraded cutting-edge image, will launch its own social networking site.

The site, Art Of The Trench, will feature user-submitted pictures of people sporting the brand’s famous trench coat.

Burberry’s goal is to strengthen ties with existing customers while attracting new faces — younger consumers they hope will be inclined to spend disposable income on luxury items.

The premium site is another step in Burberry’s campaign to reclaim its brand as a classic label with a twist of cool, after years of knockoffs and thuggish associations had morphed it into “checks for chavs.”

But do the kids really want Facebook for trenchcoats?

Burberry hopes so.

If the brand’s Facebook page — currently boasting over 666,000 fans — is any indication, their updated, traditional-meets-hip brand may turn out to be a good social networker.

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