The 5 things that Americans really want …

Excerpted from: WHAT AMERICANS REALLY WANT by Dr. Frank I. Luntz

* * * * *

According to Dr. Luntz, the five core attributes define what Americans really want.

1. More money.

Financial success has always been the highest priority for American men, but with the economic downturn it has leapt to the top among American women as well.

For millions of Americans approaching retirement, it’s less about more money and more about just getting back to where they once were.

For women, money is all about personal security, about having no fears and no worries of the financial kind.

Women measure success in life based on personal satisfaction and happiness — and the lack of economic anxiety leads to personal happiness.

For men, more money means more freedom, although that does manifest itself in the desire to buy more stuff. Men are much more likely than women to measure their success by their accumulation of material goods: house, car, technology, toys, the whole package.

For both men and women, money is more important today than at any time in a long time.

2. Fewer hassles.

Having fewer hassles is now the number two day-to-day priority of Americans.

Companies that sell products in shrink-wrapped hard plastic shells that are impossible to open don’t understand the importance of a hassle-free life.

Other examples are products that don’t perform like they do on television, services that sound much better in the advertisement than they are in reality, and
technologies that break or never work right in the first place.

3. More time.

Time used to be the highest priority for women — and for good reason.

From getting the kids up in the morning to paying the bills at night, women shoulder the majority of family responsibilities and household chores, even though the vast majority of women now work outside the home.

They have little time for themselves, and they crave it.

4. More choices.

There is an important distinction between choice and the right to choose.

Young people embrace as much choice as possible. Give them 15 choices of exercise equipment or 20 choices of coffee — the more the better.

Conversely, older people want the right to choose but don’t actually want to make the choice.  If you give them a choice of 20 different health-care plans, you’ve created a situation somewhere between confusion and chaos. To them, too many choices is no choice at all.

But for most Americans, limiting their choices is like denying life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If you sell the right to choose, or seem to expand people’s choices, you will find a lot of buyers.

5. No worries.

This can mean anything from “Yes, it will get done” to “I will take care of you.” It’s an expression of confidence that things will turn out right. 

* * * * *

From: WHAT AMERICANS REALLY WANT. . . REALLY – The Truth About Our Hopes, Dreams, and Fears
by Dr. Frank I. Luntz

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