Patois and attitude ? Nope, give us wisdom and competence.

Ken’s Note: “Patois” — a great word — is any nonstandard language that draws class distinctions between those who speak it and those who speak the common or dominant language or dialect.  “Patois” could become this year’s “gravitas”.

* * * * * 

The public has turned decisively against the “educated classes”, many of their works, and many of their ideas.

Perhaps, our “educated class” is educated beyond its intelligence, and mistakes mastery of its patois and attitude for wisdom and competence.

It is full of itself, and values too highly its skill sets, which are entertaining, but not on the optimum level of consequence.

On this optimum level are resolution, moral clarity, and an ability to understand and connect with a great many people, things for which the educated class is not known.

This class fooled itself, and much of the country, for which the country will not soon forgive it.

Excerpted from Washington Examiner: Obama’s education of little use to his presidency, January 13, 2010

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