Which athlete has the higest Q-score ? … Hint: It’s not Tiger any more.

“Sports Q measures the familiarity and appeal of personalities in a variety of sports categories to determine targeted audience attraction.”

For the first time in more than a decade, Tiger Woods is not at the top of the annual Sports Q Scores list, upon which hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of advertising and marketing decisions are based.

Woods has shared the top spot in the Sports Q rankings with Michael Jordan for as long as Marketing Evaluations, the  research firm that calcs Q-scores can recall.

Tiger now ranks #25. 

Here are  the 2010 Top Sports Q scores …

51 Michael Jordan       
41 John Madden         
41 Shaun White        
40 Peyton Manning   
39 Joe Montana 
39 Arnold Palmer     
38 Jerry Rice   
38 Nolan Ryan  
37 Julius Erving  
37 Magic Johnson  
37 Apolo Anton Ohno 

Source: Marketing Evaluations

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