Stop right there, professor … proof of citizenship, please !

I was cross-haired by two relatively hot political issues last week: voter IDs and proof of legal citizenship.

I was suspected of crossing a border to illegally access government-provided services.

Yes, your mild mannered (usually) man of the classroom … stood up on suspicion of unlawful conduct.

An intimidating officer of the state demanded to see an ID and proof of citizenship.

Really !

OK, it wasn’t the U.S.- Mexico border … it was the Maryland-Virginia border.

The services that I was allegedly attempting to use illegally: use of the “Anne Arundel County landfill and recycling center” (a.k.a. the local dump).

That’s right.  In order to throw a mattress and springs into the landfill dumpster, I had to show my driver’s license and to produce proof of Anne Arundel County, Maryland residency.  Fortunately, I may be the only person in Maryland driving around with paid real estate tax bills in my glove compartment.

Think about it.

Maryland is a state that – for example – reportedly looks the other way when it comes to admitting illegal immigrants into public schools and allows them to pay in-state tuitions at colleges.  No harm, no foul.

But, the line gets drawn in the sand at the local dump.

I didn’t really mind showing my ID docs, but the situation certainly did make me scratch my head …

* * * * *

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