The ratings downgrade … and Pascal’s wager.

One of the few things I remember from Philosophy 101 is Pascal’s Wager.

In a nutshell, it says that God may or may not exist … and we all have the choice to live righteously or sinfully.

Naturally, that creates a 2 X 2 matrix …


What’s Pascal got to do with the debt downgrade?

Well, the President can choose to treat S&P’s downgrade as truth and start living a more righteous (debt-reduced) life … or, treat S&P as demonic frauds and keep living a sinful (free-spending) life.

Based on yesterday’s speech, the President is choosing the latter course.

Damn …

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One Response to “The ratings downgrade … and Pascal’s wager.”

  1. Cirrito Says:

    I’ve always felt that Pascal’s Wager was the right lense through which we should be viewing climate change too.

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