New Orleans Hits the Jackpot with Football

TakeAway: New Orleans fortune of having three college bowl football games and a NFL playoff game expects to bring in almost a half of a billion dollars into the economy.

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Excerpt from AdAge: “New Orleans Reaps $400M-Plus Football Bonanza”

The last time New Orleans hosted both a Sugar Bowl and college football’s national championship game the economic impact from that week was $400 million.

Throw in the New Orleans Bowl expected to bring in $25 million and the Saints’ playoff game  expected to reap another $20 million, and New Orleans will earn $445 million from four football games.

Some economists dismiss the theory that big-time sporting events bring economic benefits to cities, but the football numbers stack up pretty well against Mardi Gras, which brings in about $140 million.

And while it took three football games to see that $420 million economic impact. The Super Bowl alone was worth $292 million to New Orleans in 2002.

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