Some places require photo IDs, some don’t … now, I have a new favorite place that does.

Annually, I report how I have to show 3 IDs – including a photo ID – to gain entry to the county dump and throw a couple of bags of leaves onto the compost pile.


Last week, my family went to a down & dirty crab house for dinner.  They wouldn’t put us on the wait-for-an-hour list unless we coughed up and ID – and let them hold it as collateral.


But, possibly the dumbest and certainly the most ironic case was reported by Townhall

Believe it or not,  the NAACP required a government issued photo identification and a second form of identification … to get into their convention to hear Eric Holder speak.

You know, the Eric Holder who – along with the NAACP — stands firmly against photo IDs when it comes to verifying a voter’s identity.

C’mon man.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

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