Social media drove Cyber Monday, right?

Wrong !

Cyber Monday sales nearly doubled from last year, with mobile shopping playing a large role in those numbers.

Despite high mobile numbers, social media drove very few sales during Cyber Monday.

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Excerpted from’s, “Cyber Monday Mobile Purchases Nearly Double From 2011”

Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day ever and mobile shopping played a significant role in its growth.

Spending increased 30.3% from the previous year, with mobile devices accounting for accounted for 12.9% of all sales. That’s a 96% increase from 2011.

Mobile sales were lower on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday, however, a change that IBM attributes to more customers returning to work and shopping from their PCs.

Both mobile traffic and mobile sales fell by 20% from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

Despite the overall spending increases, the average order size dipped 6.6% to $185.12, the report said.

Social sales also decreased, as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube generated just 0.41% of all online sales, a 26% drop from 2011.

Below is a neat summary infographic

IBM Holiday Benchmark Cyber Monday Infographic_11_27

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