Time-saving tech tips …

Cool TED pitch by a dude named David Pogue … demonstrating 10 handy tech tips.

For example, how to skip by cell phone voicemail greetings (Hi.  This Ken.  I’m not able … blah, blah) and get straight to leaving a message.

For Verizon, just press the star sign (*) … for AT&T, press the # sign.



What to do when a web page’s text is too small to read?


Simple, just hit control and the plus sign and the image will get bigger …hit it again to make it even bigger …  then hit control and minus sign reverses the process.

And, there are more:

  • How to move down a web page without scrolling?
  • How to capitalize the first word in a sentence without pressing the shift key?
  • What’s the fastest way to grab a word’s definition?

Video is only a couple of minutes, and worth watching.

click to view

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