Obama: For majority rule, against mumbo jumbo …

Say, what?

During last Friday’s press conference, President Obama criticized opponents to his policies as having “half-baked ideas” and speaking “mumbo jumbo” …  and, he said that Congress should tighten gun control laws because “the polling says the majority of Americans understand we should be changing these laws “ and “Congress should act on behalf of the majority”  Source

Today, we’ll just deal with the last part: acting on behalf of the majority.

First, I was pleased to hear the President come out in favor of majority rule.

A couple of notable examples suggest that it’s a change of heart.

Let’s start with his Iran Deal.

What does the polling say?


According to a Quinnipiac University poll ….

American voters oppose  57% to 28%,  the nuclear pact negotiated with Iran …. 58% say the nuclear pact will make the world less safe.”


Looks like a majority to me.  A sizable majority.

But, full steam ahead…

Or, how about my predictable, favorite example ….


And, of course, my favorite: ObamaCare.

Obama repeatedly refrains that “folks don’t want ObamaCare re-litigated”.

Not according to polling data

The ACA has never had majority support … far from it … at times, has had support as low as 37%

The red line tracks disapproval; the black line tracks approval

Source: RealClearPolitics


And, you know what?

According to recent Gallup surveys:



Sounds to me like a lot of folks are saying “let’s re-litigate”.


I guess the will of the majority is “contextual” … and only applies when the majority agrees with the President.

The majority (or at least a plurality) seem opposed to the Iran Deal and ObamaCare … ignore them, right?

But, if a majority think that guns laws should be tightened, then let’s give them what they want.


See any mumbo jumbo in there?



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