Oh no, last week it was Oreos, today it’s pizza …

Yesterday we posted about a study concluding that Oreos are addicting.

Not to be out-done , a study by University of Michigan researchers — published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine — concludes that pizza is at the top of the most addictive food list.

cheese pizza


So, scientifically speaking, what is it that makes pizza so addictive?


Pizza addiction can be scientifically traced to one of its standard pizza ingredients: cheese

The study concluded that cheese is as addictive as drugs.


According to the research report:

The study provides evidence for the foods and food attributes implicated in addictive-like eating.

Not all foods are equally implicated in addictive-like eating behavior

Highly processed foods share pharmacokinetic properties (e.g. concentrated dose, rapid rate of absorption) with drugs of abuse, due to the addition of fat and/or refined carbohydrates and the rapid rate the refined carbohydrates are absorbed into the system, indicated by glycemic load (GL).

Highly processed foods appear to be particularly associated with “food addiction.”

The L.A. Times provides a near-English translation of the conclusion:

The study found certain foods are addictive because of the way they are processed.

The more processed and fatty the food, the more it was associated with addictive eating behaviors.

Cheese happens to be especially addictive because of an ingredient called casein, a protein found in all milk products.

During digestion, casein releases opiates called casomorphins.

“[Casomorphins] really play with the dopamine receptors and trigger that addictive element

There you have it : Cheese is addictive … pizza has cheese … pizza is addictive.

The science is settled.



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