Here’s some good news for Chuck E. Cheese …

Let’s make this pizza week …

Chuck E. Cheese has been struggling of late.

Same store sales have been declining over the past couple of years.



What’s ailing the Chuckster … and what will get him healthy again?


If you’ve been to a Chuck E. Cheese with your kids, nieces & nephews, or grandkids, the “what ails?” question is strictly rhetorical

For those of you who haven’t enjoyed a Chuckie experience …

The typical Chuck E. Cheese is, in my humble opinion,  an over-priced, noisy, dirty, but kid-friendly pizza joint known for its dancing mechanic animal characters called animatronics,




Part of the formula works: The average child wants to visit nearly every month.

The problem: According to the company’s internal research, parents, on average, are interested in going just three times a year.

Frankly, I can’t believe the research … 3 times seems way too high … but, I’ll give Chuckie that one.

To turn things around, Chuckie plans to woo Millennial parents … some of whom have fond memories of their childhood days with Chuckie.

According to CNBC:

Chuck E. Cheese’s transformation strategy hinges on a new menu, more cleanliness and hospitality training — and new entertainment with music videos from artists like Taylor Swift.

To cater to adult tastes, Chuckie is adding a new thinner pizza crust with flavors like BBQ chicken and Cali Alfredo and whole wheat wraps.

He’s also considering modernizing the salad bar with items like edamame, hummus and feta.

Summing up, Zhuckie’s Head Chef says: “We need to get them to stop vetoing the trip.”

It’s as easy as (pizza) pie …


So what’s the good news?

Last week we posted results from a research study that concluded pizza is the most adducting foods in America … mostly due to the addictive characteristics of cheese.

Here’s an idea Chuckie: Instead of skimping on the cheese, pile it on. Feed the parent’s addiction.

Who’s addicted to edamame and humus?

Go get ‘em Chuckie.


P.S. Raise your hand if you knew that Chuck E. Cheese had a Head Chef.

His parents must be so proud …



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