How Trump got the Dems to blink …

It only took 2 well-timed tweets.


The Dems had Trump on the ropes, right?

Republicans always get blamed for government shut-downs … and, the majority of Americans are ok with Dreamers being allowed to stay in the country.

Should have been an easy  win for the Dems.

So, what the heck happened?

Here’s my take ….


First, Trump plays hard-to-get on an extension to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) … then he reluctantly agrees to let Ryan insert it into the Continuing Resolution (CR).

The Dems complain that the extension is too short, so he concedes to stretching its funding out to 9 years.

Dems do an end zone dance … a bit prematurely.

You see, CHIP became a sort of poison pill.

When the Dems shut things down, he tweeted:


Boom !

Just like that, the debate got framed as healthcare for 8.9 million American-citizen children versus citizenship benefits for 800,000 non-citizens.

On a dime, the polls started to turn against the Dems.

And, to make the Dems a bit uneasy, he tweeted again …


This time, he raised the stakes:


Oh no.

He’s got his finger on the legislative red button – the nuclear option to the legislative filibuster.

Would he be crazy enough to push that button?

As we argued in Monday’s post: yep, crazy … he’s crazy like a fox.

See Are Dems taunting Trump into pushing the nuclear button?


Bottom line: It only took 2 tweets to checkmate the Dems … re-open the government … and get the Dems fighting with each other.

All the rest of the stuff that went on was just noise …


P.S. Schumer thought he was being pretty cute when he cracked wise with the trite “It’s like negotiating with a jellyfish”.

Yesterday, Schumer reportedly withdrew his offer of $1.7 billion to start funding the wall.

I expect Trump to tweet “Geez, Schumer is like negotiating with a jellyfish.”

We may have heard the last of the jellyfish metaphor …



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