What if the undocumented 12 million were Russian … instead of Hispanic ?

Would everyone keep their same views re: immigration?  I think not.

When President Trump said “take away the guns (from the mentally ill) and worry about due process later” … the MSM had a field day.

“What if President Obama had said that? Everybody on the right would be screaming that he’s coming for our guns.”

Maybe so, but that’s not the point.

I love playing what I call the “Control H” game … tech talk for replacing one word for another.

You know, substitute Obama (or Clinton) for Trump and ask: “would the press be as outraged?”

Usually the answer is “no.”


I recently played a variation of the Control-H game with a buddy who was spewing all of the left-leaners’ talking points about DACA, Sanctuary cities and immigration laws  in general…


My simple question:

What if the undocumented 12 million or the 1.8 million DACAs were Russian … instead of Hispanic …. would you be advocating the same immigration loopholes and resisting ICE enforcement so vociferously?

Of course, the answer was “No way.  That’s an entirely different situation.”

Say, what?

Think about it.

If a couple of million Ruskies crossed over the Canadian border, would you say “They’re just after a better life”?

Would you be in favor of granting the immigrant Ruskies voting privileges?

After all, according to Newsweek, poll-openers say that ‘residents of cities and towns should have a say in how their government operates, whether they are citizens or not and several cities in Maryland already allow noncitizens to vote locally. Chicago and San Francisco also offer limited noncitizen voting.”

Should Russian minors who are brought to the U.S. by their parents … through “no fault of their own” be thrown into the DACA pool with a path to citizenship?

Or, my favorite: Should a Ruskie planted in the U.S. – however the seed was planted – be the first link in a migration chain that expands exponentially?

Of course the answer must be “yes” since the determining consideration is keeping families together.

And, so on.

My buddies repeated retort: “The Russians meddled and sowed discord”.

C’mon, man … Is that the best you got.


For our readers on the right, try the Control-H game when talking points are being dished your way.

For my friends on the left, play Control-H (in a safe space, of course) and be ready with something stronger than “meddling and sowing”.

For everybody, play solitaire Control-H continually … you’ll find yourself eventually gravitating to the middle.

If you don’t gravitate to the middle, you’ll have to admit (at least to yourself) that you’re irreparably partisan …

See, Say. Hear, DO !

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