Trump doesn’t need to fire Mueller …

But he does need to fire Sessions … and may have his chance.

Let’s connect a couple of dots today…

1) AG Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation … putting control in the hands of Obama holdover Rod Rosenstein.

2) Trump – and about half the country – thinks that the Mueller investigation has gone on too long and strayed far off course without scoring a significant direct hit on the original charter “Russian collusion”.  (Of course, the Trump-haters and “resisters” think that Mueller is doing a dandy job.)

3) A DOJ “disciplinary office” has recommended to AG Sessions that Andrew McCabe be fired.


4) It’s widely reported that Trump may replace Sessions with Scott Pruitt – current EPA head (and former Oklahoma AG).

OK, let’s put these pieces together …


If the story about DOJ’s disciplinary office recommending that McCabe be fired is true, then Trump has a golden opportunity.

McCabe was outted in the Peter-Lisa tweet storm as being complicit in slow-rolling (hindering?) the Hillary investigation.  Of course, that can be debated depending on which news source you believe.

But, the disciplinary office’s investigation, findings and recommendation are pretty much gospel – and the reported recommendation is clear and spring-loaded.

Here’s the rub:

McCabe is scheduled to retire this weekend – with full government pension and benefits (ouch)!

So, Sessions has to fire him this week or McCabe skates with no repercussions for his misdeeds.

My bet: Sessions doesn’t have the cajones to ax McCabe.

If Sessions fails to act on the disciplinary office’s clear recommendation, Trump has a strong case to fire him (Sessions).

Enter Pruitt.

Why Pruitt?

First, he has taken strong swift action in the EPA, consistent with Trump’s agenda.  He gets things done.

Second, he’s already a cabinet member.

So, what?

That means that he can move over into the AG slot immediately and get to work.

Technical note: The appointment would need to be confirmed by the Senate within 210 days under the Vacancies Reform Act.  That’s likely to be a grueling battle … especially if the Dems take the Senate.

Pruitt’s first action would undoubtedly be to take the reins for the Mueller investigation away from Rosenstein.

His second action: call Mueller in for a chat.

Not to fire him.

Simply, to clarify his mission.

Re-inserting the guideposts that the investigation is limited to  the alleged collusion with the Russians … that is, rein in Mueller’s appetite to pursue tangential, but largely unrelated issues.

As a further “clarification”: Pruitt could direct Mueller to expand his Russian collusion investigation to cover possible collusion by all of the 2016 Presidential campaign’s … that is, put Hillary, the dossier and FISA warrants under a microscope.

Mueller hasn’t shown much interest in pursuing that line of investigation … and seems to relish his current unbounded working relationship with Rosenstein.

So he (Mueller) might quit.

So be it … that’s his choice.

Let’s see how the next couple of days of Spring cleaning play out.

See, Say. Hear, DO !

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2 Responses to “Trump doesn’t need to fire Mueller …”

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    Sessions never should have taken the job in the first place – knowing he was going to recuse himself from anything to do with Russia. That said he appears to be a ditherer. He should either fire McCabe today, appoint a new special counsel(prosecutor?) without more delay or quit. Trump shoudn’t have to fire him – he should just leave before he embarrasses himself any more. Hoe ’bout he fires McCabe, appoints a special counsel and then resigns. Then he can go away – like Hiillary should!

  2. Sam Says:

    So much in here that I don’t agree with but I’ll settle on correcting one of your “facts”, Prof. Muellers investigative scope was never limited to “collusion with Russia”.

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave Mueller broad authority not only to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated” with Trump’s campaign, but also to examine “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”

    Rosenstein also gave Mueller the power to investigate “any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a)” — including perjury, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, and intimidation of witnesses.

    But don’t trust me – read it for yourself. Any conversation that you want Pruitt to have with Mueller, would be moving the goalposts, not re-inserting them. Shutting down Mueller at this point would imply that Trump has something meaningful to hide, IMO.

    Click to access Robert-Mueller-Special-Counsel-Russia.pdf

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