Frat boys party more, study less and earn more … say, what?

Fraternities get a lot of press.

You know: Heavy drinking, hazing tragedies and pure goofiness.

Why would anybody want their sons to join one?

Well, a couple of economists at Union College did a study that makes joining a fraternity look like a very rational decision.


Here’s the scoop …


According to Bloomberg

After adjusting for demographic factors like race and income level, the economists concluded that “fraternity membership lowers student GPA by approximately 0.25 points on the traditional four-point scale, but raises future income by approximately 36%.”

How so?

The authors hypothesize that “the formation of social capital that takes place in fraternities is much more than sufficient to overcome the loss of human capital from reduced studying, as reflected in poorer grades.”

To that point: “While fraternities may distract from intellectual pursuits, they are giving their members a platform for developing social skills and a network of connections that will benefit them later”.

The good news for colleges: Frat alums tend to be among the more generous contributors back to their schools … because they have stronger ties and earn more.


The bad news: The study found no similar benefit for women who joined sororities.

The authors speculate that women do a better job forming social bonds with other women outside of sororities … and women’s business networks aren’t as fully developed as men’s (yet).

Party on …


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