Trump approval up since SOTU…

May put a new paint job on conference committee negotiations.

First, a disclaimer of sorts.

Rasmussen skews right and its surveys are scoffed at by most traditional pollsters because they’re conducted without human contact … folks just answer questions via touch tone phone responses.

That said, I’ve found Rasmussen to be a good predictor on sensitive issues when people are reluctant to tell somebody what they think, but are willing to interact with an impersonal computer.

Bottom line:  Rasmussen says “Trump’s approval rating among likely voters has soared since the State of the Union and are at an all time high.”


More specifically…


According to Rasmussen:

Trump’s approval among likely voters hovered steadily at around 46%.

His approval dipped to around 43% during the government shutdown for which he got the blame (or credit, depending on your perspective).

And, the SOTU gave him a chance to provide some perspective, unfiltered by the mainstream media.

In Rasmussen’s most recent polling, Trump’s approval bounced back from the shutdown dip … and, has kept on going, up to 52% … his highest level since getting elected.



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