2020 Dem candidates are starting to trash Obama’s legacy … say, what?

A politically expedient strategy to neutralize a potential Biden advantage.


According to the far-left leaning Daily Beast

The idea that the Obama legacy would be anything other than a massive positive for Biden … has been treated as indisputable within Democratic circles.

But in recent weeks, the Democratic frontrunner has had that legacy used against him, with his competitors pointing the to shortcomings of the last Democratic administration.


On issues ranging from immigration to health care and foreign policy, the 2020 candidates have been increasingly critical in their public assessments of the Obama administration.

More specifically….


The Daily Beast reports that:

“There’s a growing recognition that income and wealth inequality got worse under Obama’s eight years, the climate crisis got worse during his eight years, deportations went up during his time in office.”

“In particular, the Obama administration’s own deportation policies laid the groundwork for the current immigration controversies regarding family separation policy and inhumane conditions in detention facilities.”

Not even ObamaCare — the keystone of Obama’s legacy —  is immune.

While Biden is arguing that it just needs to be tweaked, most other candidates propose replacing it lock, stock and barrel with Medicare for All.

So, why are candidates so willing to step on Obama’s legacy?

Mostly political expediency.

About the only thing that Biden has going for him is his link to Obama.

If the other candidates can judo that link into a negative, so be it, right?

Ore broadly, as a  longtime progressive Democratic consultant, told the Daily Beast:

“In 2008 we needed hope and change, in 2020 we need results,”

Now, there’s a radical idea …


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