Looks like Dems aimed at Trump but hit Biden…

Two charts tell the story.

Yesterday, as the Dems’ impeachment gambit continued to fizzle towards its inevitable conclusion, Gallup reported that:

President Donald Trump’s job approval rating has risen to 49%, his highest in Gallup polling since he took office in 2017.

His 94% approval rating among Republicans is up 6 percentage points from early January.  His 42% approval rating among independents is up 5 points, over the same timeframe.


Rather than being a casualty of the Dems’ flailing impeachment attempt, Trump seems to be a beneficiary.

But, what about good old Sleepy Joe Biden?


Flashback: In a prior post about the Schiff-Nadler impeachment show, we opined:

The Dems have more to lose than the GOP. Damage to Joe Biden will be greater than damage to Trump. Everybody understands that Hunter’s million dollar take reeked of corruption.

There’s already emerging evidence of that slam dunk prognostication materializing.

In Iowa, the “party of the smart” implemented a convoluted caucus process  on a fatally flawed technology platform (designed by former members of the Clinton technology team).

With 72% of the vote counted, Joe “Most Electable” Biden is running  out of the money … barely edging Amy Klobuchar for the third runner-up position (i.e. 4th place) …. having bagged ZERO of Iowa’s 41 delegates.



What happened to the self-proclaimed front-runner?

For sure, he has been a lackluster, uninspiring candidate — often gaffing and forgetting where he is.

But, he was leading the pack, right?

Then, Schiff & Nadler took aim at Trump for wanting an investigation of Joe and his son Hunter.

There was a predictable reaction from Trump’s defenders: Almost equal time in the impeachment trial ended up going to simple-to-understand allegations of  a million dollar influence peddling scheme perpetrated by the Bidens.

Apparently, that storyline gained more traction than the convoluted and equivocal case against Trump … and Biden became collateral damage.

They aimed at Trump … and Old Joe got hit by friendly fire.

Tell me again, who’s smart and who’s dumb.


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