A very weird data point…

Below is the current list of the Top 10 HomaFiles posts.

WordPress — the blogging platform that I use — auto-generates the list based on total views since posting and which posts are trending.

Which is the goose among the ducks?

  1. $$$: How much house can you buy for $1,000 per month?
  2. May 2: C-19 Key NATIONAL Data
  3. May 2: C-19 Key STATES Data
  4. May 3: C-19 Key NATIONAL Data
  5. How long do you wait in line to checkout at the supermarket?
  6. How many doctors are there in the U.S.?
  7. Help Wanted: Vice President of Contact Tracing & Testing
  8. How will we know when we’ve turned the COVID-19 corner?
  9. About that forecast of 60,000 coronavirus deaths…
  10. State-by-state COVID19 Deaths – Total and Per Capita

Yep, #1, the “How much house?” post.

It’s the all-time leader in cumulative views (by a lot), so it’s a near-permanent topic in the top 10 … but it’s usually buried in the middle of the list.

My hypothesis: The post gets a lot of “over the transom” views from folks who don’t follow the HomaFiles … mostly because the question in the title of the post sorts high on Google searches.

Over time, I’ve noticed that the housing post sorts higher on the list when the housing market heats up (e.g. when there’s a significant cut in mortgage rates). That makes sense.

Maybe the current coronavirus situation (i.e. some spots are particularly hot; everybody spending more time at home) has a lot of folks thinking about moving.


P.S. You can click on the links above if you’ve missed any of the trending posts.

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