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Some people just shouldn’t vote!

November 13, 2020

Every election cycle, I scratch my head and wonder blasphemously whether “one man, one vote” makes sense.

Surveys routinely reveal that a majority of Americans have marginal knowledge of government, politics, and political issues.

Try this: ask folks to explain the difference between the Federal deficit and the Federal debt … ask them where the money that funds, say unemployment benefits, comes from.

Jason Brennan is a rare breed … a libertarian business prof at Georgetown.

His research is at the nexus of ethics and politics.

He wrote an insightful book called The Ethics of Voting that I consider a classic.


The essence of Jason’s argument is that all adult citizens have the right to vote … but that they shouldn’t exercise that right unless they are informed, rational, and aiming for the common good.

Let’s drill down on that conclusion…


Nov. 13: C-19 Data Dashboard

November 13, 2020

248,541 Deaths-to-Date

1,143 Daily New Deaths  (peak 2,824 April 21)
> 7-day average 1,089    (peak 2.229 April 23)


Confirmed Cases

159,800  New Cases
> 7-day average  131,953

> Highest day        159,800  Nov. 12
> April 24 peak      36,291
> June 8 low point  17,414

Currently Hospitalized

68,096  Current level

> Highest day    68,096  Nov. 12
> Prior Peak       59,719  July 23
> Lowest point   27,895  June 14