From Becks to ‘Benz … Quality Drives German Brands

Excerpted from BrandChannel “German Engineering Drives Global Brand Success” by Barry Silverstein, November 24, 2008

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Of Interbrand’s Top 100 Global Brands in 2008, ten were German brands…Germany itself was ranked the best overall “country brand” in the 2008 Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index, which measures the world’s perception of each nation as if it were a public brand….The United States, the world’s leading branding powerhouse, ranked seventh…

So what is it about German brands…that is so special? Two words might be all the explanation that’s required: discipline and quality.

German companies are highly disciplined in their approach to creating, introducing and selling brands. They have the ability to consistently produce exceptional-quality products that are of lasting value…Makers of German brands are less interested in competing on price and more on making products of superior quality…

Germany’s brand exports have a long, celebrated history of excellence, regardless of industry segment. The country’s automobile brands are the ones consumers most closely associate with the country’s branding acumen…

There is ample evidence that Germany’s branding power extends beyond automobiles. NIVEA…was voted the most trusted skin care brand in 15 countries… Adidas…is an 80-year-old company that today is a global leader in sports footwear, apparel and accessories…SAP is the world’s largest business software company…

Other well-known global brands, from Bayer to Becks to Boss to Braun are a testament to the fact that Germany is, and will continue to be, a prolific producer of some of the world’s finest products. It’s Germany’s disciplined approach to quality that inspires consumer loyalty to German brands.

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Whether it is beer or automobiles German brands are perceived to deliver a superior level of quality.  The real strength of German brands however is the consistency in which the brands have deliver on this promise of quality.  Establishing credibility through consistency is essential not only for country brands, but for brands in general.

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