Battling Private Label Rivals with Innovation …

Excerpted from BrandWeek,”OTC Drugmakers Seek Cures” by Elaine Wong, November 9, 2008

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Makers of branded cold and flu remedies are seeking their own antidotes for flagging sales. But will cash-strapped consumers cough up more money for “innovation?”

Tylenol is launching Tylenol Warming Liquids … that treat cough, sore throat and other cold symptoms via a formulation that delivers a warming sensation…

P&G is introducing Dayquil Plus Vitamin C, which includes 150% of the daily dose of the vitamin in the mix…

Robitussin … is promoting its DM Max mucus relief formula…“Robitussin DM Max has a double dose of mucus-fighting medicine”…

The efforts come as sales of most major OTC brands have declined by low-to mid-single and double digits thanks to advances by private label competitors. Sales of Children’s Tylenol, fell 14.2%…Robitussin’s … medications dropped 8.8%. Private label also prevailed in the tablet and packet category, up 18%…

Meanwhile, retailers have stepped up marketing efforts for their brands. Unlike previous cold/flu seasons … the drugstore is experiencing significant private label growth. The uptick reflects a mix of savvier retail marketing efforts, combined with a smarter and cash-strapped consumer, according to industry analysts.

“It’s the one category where it’s very clear and easy to see that the active ingredients in both national and store brands are identical” … Efforts like these are nothing more than attempts to gain greater market share. Research on vitamin C, in particular, shows no real effect in fighting or preventing colds. “It’s a cheap and easy way to distinguish your product from someone else’s”…

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OTC drugmakers know the benefits of choosing a private label OTC product with the same ingredients is clear for cash strapped consumers and are using innovation to add value to their products.  The brands must give consumers a reason to purchase their brand over less-expensive labels. This is becoming increasingly difficult as a recent Neilsen study showed that 62% of consumers perceived private label brands to be equal to name brands. 

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