Save Elkart … buy an RV

Pres Obama brought tears to people’s eyes last night reporting back from his touch-and-go photo op in Elkart, Indiana.

Portraying Elkhart as Anytown, U.S.A., Obama emphasized that Elkhart’s unemployment rate has soared to over 15% and implied that the pork-laden stimulus package would fix that fast.

No reporter asked how that might happen.

You see, Elkart is a one or two industry town — depending on whether you count “manufactured housing” (i.e. trailers) and RVs (think Winnebago) as one industry or two.

Since many trailer park folks miss “prime” by a couple of points, the credit crunch is a problem.  Since RVs get about 5 MPG, high gas prices tends to dampen demand.

Does Pres Obama plan to breathe life back into credit-risky trailers and eco-unfriendly RVs? Or, does he plan on the laid off unionized factory workers picking up shovels to work on road crews?

It’ll be fun following Elkhart’s revival over the next couple of months.

For the record, I’m betting under on this one.

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