What’s the exit plan and “date certain”?

On the campaign trail,  anti-surge Candidate O derided Bush for not having an exit plan and a date certain for troop withdrawal from Iraq.

OK, since we’re winning in Iraq and can safely pull the troops out, O can keep his campaign pledge and bring combat troops back in 2010.

Seems that  Afghanistan is way different from Iraq since O authorized a surge in troop strength and is mum on the exit plan and withdrawal date.


Question: why not just spray the poppy fields with industrial strength weed killer and bring our men and women home pronto ?

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One Response to “What’s the exit plan and “date certain”?”

  1. Chris Says:

    Two over looked and under reported facts:
    1) Pres. Obama is executing a plan very similar to the Bush administration’s withdrawl plan from late 2008
    2) Without the surge no withdrawl plan would be possible

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