Obama’s foreclosure plan gets strong support … that is, from folks who don’t know what’s in it

Excerpted from  the Diageo/Hotline Poll,   March 5, 2009

According to the Diageo/Hotline Poll, a majority of voters (56%) support President Obama’s $75 billion home foreclosure plan,

People who know the most about what’s in the package are evenly split on it … the blissfully ignorant (2/3s of the folks polled) support it 2 to 1. 


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Not surprisingly, support varies widely with party affiliation: Dems favor the package 4 to 1 … GOPs oppose it 2 to 1



* * * * *

Note: the Diageo/Hotline Poll is managed by an MSB alum: Brent McGoldrick, MBA ’04.  Brent is a VP with Financial Dynamics (FD) and can be reached via email at:

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