What do field goals, 3-pointers, and hotels on Vermont have in common?

Answer: they’re all “advantaged assets” …

* * * * *

Field Goals
As professional kickers have specialized and improved their technique, field goals have become more common. National Football League teams last season made nearly 85% of field goals, compared with barely 60% in 1974, according to Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats. There were two successful field goals for every three touchdowns last season, compared with barely two for every five touchdowns in 1974.

In college basketball, meanwhile, three-point shots are falling with about the same level of accuracy of closer jump shots, even though they’re worth 50% more. To address this, the three-point line has been moved away from the basket by a foot, as college-hoops fans may notice during March Madness. Yet shots from 21 feet and 22 feet, the shortest three-point distances, were accurate more than 37% of the time this season — easier than those from any distance between five feet and 19 feet from the basket, according to college-basketball analyst Ken Pomeroy.

Hotels on Vermont
in Monopoly, paying $50 for that hotel on Vermont Avenue pays itself off in fewer than 15 rolls of the dice by your opponent, compared with more than 40 rolls for other hotel-adorned squares, according to simulations of 32 billion rolls by Truman Collins.

* * * * *
Excerpted from Wsj, “Price Drop: Stocks, Homes, Now Triple-Word Scores”, March 18, 2009

* * * * *

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