It’s simple arithmetic … your taxes going up

Excerpted from WSJ, “Obama Plans Sound Fiscally Responsible But Don’t Add Up”, April 9, 2009

For years, the American people have been told they could have it all: costly wars, expansion of Medicare to cover drugs, health insurance for those without, more money for schools — and tax cuts for practically everybody. They deserve to be told that they can’t have it all in the future.

In the 1930s and the 1960s, the government began popular programs to support the sick and the elderly. The cost of treating the sick is rising, and the number of old people climbing. Since 1970, the government has paid for that by cutting defense spending.  But going forward, defense spending will not fall as much as it has, even if the Iraq war ends and the Pentagon is forced to be more efficient.  


Pres. Obama envisions a federal government that taxes the American economy somewhat more than the historical average and spends significantly more. The president’s own projections show a deficit equal to 3% of gross domestic product well into the next decade, and that assumes all goes well.


The bottom line:  either taxes as a share of GDP rise or spending on those popular benefit programs (or everything else) is throttled back.

It’s simple arithmetic.

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