Outlook is Optimistic for Marketers’ Job Security

Excerpted from Brandweek, “Marketers Expect to Keep Jobs, Budgets” By Kenneth Hein, March 14, 2009

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While many reports suggest the sky is falling for marketers, a large number of top-level executives feel that their jobs and much of their staff’s jobs are safe. What’s more, the majority do not anticipate cutting their marketing budgets.

The CMO Council interviewed 659 global senior marketers online between mid-January and March 2. Overall, it found that marketers are not planning major restructuring, head-count reductions or wholesale agency terminations this year.

More than half do not feel their jobs are at risk and 20.6% simply are not sure. More than a third plan to keep their teams intact and 26% expect to add staff.

“There was not as much panic about job security that we thought there would be,” said Liz Miller, vp, programs and operations at the CMO Council. “The big story for the marketing community is it is not about budget slashing; it’s about budget reallocation. Marketers are looking to better support the sales team, drive business growth and engage the individual customer” …

“It’s not about window dressing this year … Marketers need to stop looking at how to refresh our brand, change our logo or what we mean to consumers. This year they don’t have the millions to do that. It’s how do you do it faster, better and more efficiently with less cash to waste on things that don’t work. You need to better support your sales team because they need leads, that’s the bottom line” …

Marketers top marching orders from their bosses are: Growing and retaining market share (48%), lowering costs and improving efficiencies (44%) and improving customer insight and retention (33%).

The top factors affecting marketers are customer anxiety and cutbacks (49%) and slower, more complex selling cycles (38%). The top frustrations were: Insufficient budget (43%), the organizational culture (37%) and senior management mindset (33%).

Overall, “We’re coming out of a long phase where the wind was in our favor … When they are in your favor you don’t need to be particularly smart to be somewhat successful. In these conditions, you need to be a lot smarter than before.”

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