If you thought the bridge to nowhere was a bad idea …

… then sit down (absolutely necessary) and watch the attached 3-minute video clip which presents the John Murtha AIrport in Johnston, PA.

The highlights:

$150 million of government pork invested

Almost $1 million of stimulus funds

3 flights per day a.. to / from DC

20 passengers per day

These guys have absolutely no conscience …

* * * * *

ABC TV video

* * * * *

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2 Responses to “If you thought the bridge to nowhere was a bad idea …”

  1. Robert Taylor Says:

    Just another scam like practically the whole federal government and the worst scam there is…the Federal Reserve.

  2. Jamie Estrada Says:

    Well, we might have the same thing going on in NM. One of our new congressmen proposed federal legislation to “study” commuter rail between the cities of Las Cruces and El Paso, TX (a similar rail line was implemented between Albuquerque and Santa Fe at a cost of $5M a mile and a $10M annual deficit). Nothing like a freshman congressman pulling from the public purse to gain political advantage before his first race for reelection.

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