Dear friends networking on cheap phones … works for me.

Excerpted from WSJ, “Networking Sites Extend Reach:  Handset Makers Ramp Up Ways to Tap Broader Cellphone Market” by Amol Sharma and Jessica E. Vascellaro, May 28, 2009

Social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are popular services on high-end cellphones like the iPhone and the BlackBerry. But extending their reach to the broader wireless market has been challenging, because most basic phones tend to have clunky Web browsers and can’t support fancy software. Now, handset makers and wireless carriers are ramping up efforts to tap the mass market.

Manufacturers such as INQ Mobile Ltd. and Samsung Electronics Co. are rolling out midrange cellphones tailored to social-networking software, with some features of smart phones but lower prices.  Carriers including AT&T Inc. and Sprint Nextel Corp. are trying to improve access to the services by upgrading browsers on regular cellphones and integrating Web-based applications …they are trying to improve access to the services via the Web, which allows users to perform tasks they can’t perform with text messaging, such as viewing a friend’s profile. Sprint, for example, will soon begin selling the Samsung Exclaim, which will include one-click access to simplified, preloaded software applications for Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. It will sell in the U.S. for less than $100 after a rebate, the company said. AT&T is undertaking a project to overhaul its mobile home page, better integrate search and use an advanced browser…

Social networks, including MySpace and Facebook, are helping wireless carriers tailor their services to mass-market phones…


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