Take the loyalty test …

From the summer read:
Why Loyalty Matters, Keiningham & Aksoy, Benbella Books, 2009

in prior posts, I highlighted 25 notable nuggets from the book and recounted the 10 Relationship DNA Factors (i.e “styles”)..

Here’s an acid test of loyalty:

Do your friends believe without a doubt that you convincingly demonstrate your loyalty to them? Specifically, do you

  1. Devote enough time to your relationships with them?
  2. Stand up for them when it is uncomfortable to do so?
  3. Celebrate their successes without envy?
  4. Support them during difficult times?
  5. Hold fast to information provided in confidence?
  6. Make every effort to carry out commitments to them, even when it requires considerable self-sacrifice?

Being truly loyal isn’t easy to do. 

Virtually all of us fall short in delivering true and comp,ete loyalty to friends and family.

The good news: there is always room for improvement.  Get started.

* * * * *

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