Summer read: Catastrophe by Dick Morris

Catastrophe, Dick Morris, HarperCollins, 2009

Morris is a former Clinton adviser turned conservative pundit. For each of the past couple years, Morris has penned a bestseller castigating the direction and tactics of liberals. Catastrophe – a pretty well researched and documented book – continues in that tradition.

Among Morris’s targets in this book are:

  1. The way that team Obama is using the economic crisis to push through a social agenda.
  2. The division of America into a minority (i.e. out voted) taxpaying class, and a majority tax taking class.
  3. The ineffectiveness of the Keynesian-inspired, pork-laden stimulus package.
  4. The prospects for runaway inflation when the economy recovers and the country is left with a bloated national debt.
  5. The reluctance of businesses to invest the time that they are being vilified, that pure craps are changing the rules with no notice, and when the federal government is intervening in private businesses — picking winners and losers, imposing punitive taxes and upending bankruptcy law.
  6. The failure of the bank bailout programs – TARP and TALF – to increase the supply of credit to businesses.
  7. The failure of the various mortgage plans to stem the tide of foreclosures.
  8. The looming fire-aim-ready health care program that is being pushed through Congress — that increases the demand for health services by covering more people with health insurance, but does nothing to increase the supply of services, i.e. the number of doctors and care facilities.
  9. Initiatives to boost Democratic voting rolls, including: amnesty for illegals, expansion of unions (via card check), and “management” of the 2010 census.
  10. A weakened stance on terror, evidenced by a broadening of terror suspects’ rights, the closing of Gitmo, and a general softening of both rhetoric and defense capabilities.
  11. A diminution of support for Israel.
  12. Congressional cronyism, quid pro quo, and pay to play.

At length, Morris documents Pres. Obama’s apparent strategy of political control:

  1. Build on his rock solid support among blacks
  2. Expand the Hispanic population by amnesty and loose immigration laws, and by using expanded health care benefits as a “carrot” to attract even more Hispanic immigrants.
  3. Expand union coverage via card check and UAW-like sweetheart deals including, perhaps, exclusion from any  taxes that may be imposed on employer-provided health care insurance.
  4. “Cook” the 2010 census to overstate his solid constituencies.

For regular news readers and news watchers, there is little new in Morris’s book. But, there are plenty of facts, specific examples, and references.

Catastrophe is a quick read that – fr the most part – is worth the time for conservatives wanting ammunition for the next cocktail party.

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2 Responses to “Summer read: Catastrophe by Dick Morris”

  1. Mike Says:

    Dick Morris is a clever critic, but he doesn’t offer any ideas of his own. Yes, I am well aware that the solution to every problem is to cut taxes.

  2. Mike Says:

    Why are wasting time talking about trashy books? This is all about putting money into Dick Morris’ wallet. The way to write a best seller targetting conservatives to make up a bunch of insituating lies and to back up your lies with evidence that sounds plausible to the stupid but is only defensible on FOX News.

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