Facebook ready to prove its not a waste of time.

TakeAway:  We have all been told by our agencies that we must have a presence in social networks, yet, to date, there has been little to no evidence that advertising in these spaces will produce results.  Finally, Facebook has finally decided to give us what we have been longing for – data to prove that advertising on its site is worth it.

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Excerpted from WSJ, “Facebook Sets Deal to Provide Ad Data to Nielsen” By Jessica Vascellaro, September 23, 2009

Facebook. plans to announce a deal with online measurement company Nielsen in a step to address advertisers’ frustration with measuring how ads perform on the social network. 

Under the partnership, Facebook will begin polling its users about some of the display ads it runs on its site, such as a banner promoting a movie release then will provide that data, including responses from those who didn’t see an ad, to Nielsen, which will package it for advertisers …

The partnership is the latest sign of Facebook’s growing clout in the ad world … Facebook had a 9.1% share of display-ad views in the U.S. in July, up from 6.8% in January … that put it in second place behind Yahoo and ahead of Microsoft Corp. and AOL …

In recent months, Facebook has launched new ad formats that prompt people to take an action — such as a forthcoming ad that allows people to sign up to receive a free sample of what’s being advertised.

It has also overhauled a tool that allows brands to build pages to communicate with their fans and has rolled out a targeted-ad feature that gives advertisers more control and guarantees over who sees their ads …

Sony Pictures … recently tested the new Nielsen polling service for ads promoting its newest movies … in each case, the polls showed a “significant increase” in awareness based on the ads …

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