MBA Trends … women and NFPs on the rise.

Business Week, B-School: The View at the Gate, Sept. 14, 2009

From the annual applicant survey by QS World MBA Tour, a London-based group that holds MBA fairs globally:

Women now make up 46% of worldwide MBA candidates, more than ever before.

U.S. programs still rank first in popularity,

But “partly because of the U.S. visa situation, more foreign students have shifted to looking at countries in Europe and Asia for schooling.”

Candidates’ stated preference is for a one-year MBA (44%) over a two-year program (43%), a first in the survey’s 11-year history.

There has been a doubling of applicants from the nonprofit sector — to 6% from 3% in 2008.

The percentage of those naming nonprofit work as a career goal: 6.4% vs. 3.8% last year.

Starting a business is the No. 1 post-MBA career goal.

At #2, financial services, almost as popular as it was last year. “The sector is traditionally the big absorber of MBAs,” he says. “And the salary and bonuses are still so high that it’s alluring, despite fact that there are fewer jobs.”

Full article:

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