Don’t interview for jobs on rainy days !

Dr. Don Redelmeier examined University of Toronto medical school admission interview reports from 2004-2009.

After correlating the interview scores with each day’s weather archives, he determined that candidates who interviewed on rainy or snowy days received interviewer ratings that were significantly lower than those of candidates who were lucky enough to visit on a sunny day, a difference that could not be explained by demographic factors or by grades and test scores.

In fact, the impact of the bad weather on applicants was the equivalent of a 10% lower score on the MCAT, easily enough to influence acceptance and rejection in many cases.

Some other Redelmeier findings …

* * * * *

The belief that arthritis pain is related to the weather is just another example of perception trumping reality.

After following 18 arthritis patients for a year, Dr. Don found no relationship between weather and pain.

It’s just that people tend to notice the weather more when their joints are aching, and that humans like to find patterns and explanations (particularly for unpleasant phenomena), even when none exist.

* * * * *

Mortality among patients admitted to hospitals on weekends is higher than weekdays.

Dr. Redelmeier found that seriously ill patients admitted to hospitals on weekends were significantly more likely to die.

This study catalyzed important discussions about weekend staffing patterns in hospitals around the world.

* * * * *

Academy award winners live longer than runner-ups.

Dr. Redelmeier, noting that most research examining the correlation between social status and health focused on society’s lower rungs, decided to use the Academy Awards to examine the relationship among the glitterati.

This study found that Academy Award winners live an average of 4 years longer than runner-ups, an astounding survival advantage.

The full mechanism of the apparent survival benefit among successful actors and actresses is not known. Untangling the explanations is complicated because some stars also engage in superstitious and deleterious behaviors.

* * * * *

Medical school class presidents die early

Comparing medical school class presidents to a control group comprised of those who appeared alphabetically before or after the president in the medical school class photo , the class presidents died about 2.5 years earlier.

“The type of medical professional who sacrifices themselves for this type of professional prestige may also be the type who fails to look after their health or is otherwise prone to early mortality.”

* * * * *

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