Arm & Hammer vows to make child-raising a little less stinky

Key Takeaway: In what now almost seems routine, Arm & Hammer has once again laughed in the face of the product life cycle.

The company known for continually finding new ways to market its core product of baking soda has found yet another use: odor-eliminating diaper pails. Arm & Hammer has successfully brought the efficacy of baking soda into several new categories, ranging from refrigerator deodorizers to laundry detergent.

Just goes to show that if you continue to search for new consumer insights and find innovative uses for your product, you too may come up smelling like roses (or baking soda).

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Excerpted from Brandweek, “Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail Finds Fresh Use for Baking Soda” by Elaine Wong, November 16, 2009

Church & Dwight has found new usage for baking soda: A vented diaper disposal system. The brand tapped baby care maker Munchkin to launch Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail, which hits stores this week.

In launching the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail, Church & Dwight is hoping to “address the unmet needs of…[more than] four million new moms every year,” said the company’s licensing director, Tammy Talerico. (Munchkin developed the product under a licensing agreement with the packaged goods maker.) The move is Church & Dwight’s first significant foray into the baby products category, but the company sees it more as a way to extend the multiple uses of its baking soda product, Talerico added.

Print ads will also appear in January parenting magazines; online ads are running on mommy sites like, and “This ties in nicely with our Diaper Pail, which is designed around one of mom’s most tried-and-true nursery solutions—using the natural power of baking soda to eliminate odors,” Ardell added.

Munchkin has also enlisted the help of mommy bloggers—including Lisa Sugar (Lil’ Sugar) and Michelle W. (Mama Plays Mozart)—to share parenting tips with consumers.

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