Mass Senate Race: Will the winner be the winner or the loser ?

I’m really intrigued by the Senate race is Mass.

Though I haven’t heard any pundits say it, I’m betting that some current Democratic Senators are silently hoping that Coakley (the Dem) loses.  Think Bayh, Webb, Lincoln, Landrieu. 


Now, these folks have to vote in lockstep on the bill or get pulverized by the Reid-Pelosi-Obama machine.  If Brown gets elected to break the super-majority, all the pressure is off the lemmings.  They won’t be blamed if the bill flames out.

On the other hand, GOPers are probably better off if Brown loses.  If he wins and ObamaCare goes away, the Repubs lose their major 2010 talking point and get accused of being obstructionists.

Perhaps, the best case for the Republicans would be a Brown victory but a slimey delay to keep him from being sworn in until after ObamaCare passes.  Then the GOP breaks the super-majority and still has the healthcare talking point for the elections.

The only loser in that case: well, all of us.

This is better than the last week of the NFL when play-off spots are still up for grabs.

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