Obama: "Cambridge Police behave stupidly, again"

Well, the President didn’t really say that, but he must be thinking it.

Remember when Obama started a bruhaha over the the arrest of his buddy Harvard Prof. Louis Gates Jr. ? 

Obama said he ‘didn’t know all the facts’  of the case and then declared that the Cambridge police had acted ‘stupidly.’

Well, what goes around comes around, I guess.

At the time, a few Cambridge officers said they would never vote for Obama again.  Who cares, right?

Well, it’s payback time.

The Cambridge Police Patrol Officers union endorsed Republican Scott Brown in the Mass Senate race.

To add salt to the wound, Martha Coakley’s husband is a retired Cambridge cop, and a member of the union.


One Response to “Obama: "Cambridge Police behave stupidly, again"”

  1. Scott Says:

    Think there’s a typo in your header…

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