Tax dollars at work: DOJ shifts focus from KSM to BCS … again.

I may be an outlier, but I like gridlock in Congress and frivolous DOJ investigations … keeps the government from doing serious damage.  So, I’m an advocate of BCS and steroid investigations.

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Excerpted from The Hill: Obama administration contemplating probe into college football, 01/29/10

The Department of Justice is contemplating a wide variety of actions intended to reform the current college football championship system and is still determining whether or not to open a formal investigation into the Bowl Championship Series (BCS).

Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich said “Importantly, and in addition, the administration also is exploring other options that might be available to address concerns with the college football post-season.”

Weich laid out a variety of options the administration and Congress could take to reform or break apart the BCS. He also opened the possibility of commissioning a study of the costs and benefits of the BCS and asking the Federal Trade Commission to examine the legality of the BCS.

Opponents of the BCS, a group that includes several members of Congress, say that the system is unfair to the five smaller BCS conferences that receive less bowl revenue and automatic bids to the four BCS bowls.

They say that because of this, it is almost impossible for “mid-major” colleges to play for the national championship (a group that has included several undefeated teams over the past several years. Thus, opponents contend that the BCS is a oligopoly intended to benefit large athletic conferences.

Supporters of the BCS say that smaller conferences still get sizable portions of the bowl revenue pool. Overall the five mid-major conferences received $24 million in revenue. By comparison, the six larger conferences received at least $17 million each.

BCS proponents also argue that the system matches up the first and second ranked teams in the national championship (though opponents question the complex ranking system to determine the contenders) and say that the system allows historic bowl games to continue to operate and thrive.

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One Response to “Tax dollars at work: DOJ shifts focus from KSM to BCS … again.”

  1. Tags Says:

    I completely agree, gridlock is good…argue amongst yourselves and stay out of our way.

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