Muhammad Ali or Floyd Patterson ?

This caught my eye because I frequently use the characterization in references that somebody can (or can not) take a punch.

For me, it’s shorthand for how a person deals with unexpected adversity and criticism.

It’s a gauge of character …

* * * * *

David Axelrod was reportedly concerned about candidate Obama’s “willingness and ability to put up with something never before experienced on a sustained basis: criticism. I don’t know if you are Muhammad Ali or Floyd Patterson when it comes to taking a punch.”

  • Note to non-sporters and young folks, Ali could – Patterson couldn’t

Last week, there were none too flattering characterizations of Obama floating around: thin-skinned, defensive, whiney, blame shifting … and one TV pundit quipped “America wants a president, not a princess”.

Paraphrasing MLK: A person’s true character is revealed in not times of prosperity, but in times of adversity

* * * * *

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