Where’s Red Adair when you need him ?

This is a retro post for my higher mileage readers …

Watching the BP spill gives me a touch of nostalgia.

Remember in the old days – whenever an oil well caught fire or “blew out” — the SOS went out to Red Adair – a legend in capping distressed oil wells.

Adair became world notable as an innovator in the highly specialized and extremely hazardous profession of extinguishing and capping blazing, erupting oil well blowouts, both land-based and offshore.

Over his long career he battled more than 2,000 land and offshore oil well, natural gas well, and similar spectacular fires.

He gained global notability in 1962, when he tackled a fire at a gas field in the Sahara nicknamed the Devil’s Cigarette Lighter, a 450-foot (137 m) pillar of flame.

In 1977, he and his crew (including Asger “Boots” Hansen) contributed in mending the biggest oil well blowout ever to have occurred in the North Sea (and the 2nd largest offshore blowout worldwide, in terms of volume of crude oil spilled).

Adair died August 7, 2004, so BP couldn’t call him this time.

Isn’t there another Red Adair out there someplace who can swoop in and save the day ?

Bio excerpts from Wikipedia – the Homa Family wagering bible:

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Red Adair, The Legend

Red Adair, oil-well firefighter, dies at 89
Texas businessman revolutionized science of burning wells

One Response to “Where’s Red Adair when you need him ?”

  1. Alfred Guajardo Says:

    “Devil Red Adair”

    We sit and stare and wonder how?
    The Devil Red Adair
    Would stand with glare
    Admitting its a bear
    Yet winning tooth,nail and hair
    With no blood to spare
    I ask were the hell
    The Devil Red Adair?

    Alfred Guajardo
    Als Poem Zone

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