Roof leaking? … Then bulldoze the neighborhood.

Couple of takes from last nights speech ….

* * * * *

Probably just me, but the President just didn’t look right in the venue.  It reminded me of student-government day when the Class Prez got to be Mayor of Maple Heights for a day. 

Or, maybe it was the lack of a doting throng of pressers and supporters.  Just didn’t seem right.

* * * * *

I’m glad the WH leaked that last night’s address would be a shameless pivot to Cap & Tax – oops, I mean Cap & Trade.  Otherwise I would have screamed.

After a couple of minutes of necessary Gulf spill foreplay, it was …  bang ! … go for the order: 

The roof is leaking badly, so it’s time to bulldoze the neighborhood and rebuild with most costly homes (Fannie financed, of course).

* * * * *

I cringe every time Obama mentions the Nobel prize winning Secretary of Energy. 

1) Doesn’t the President know that many folks considered his Nobel Peace Prize to be laughable?  Where exactly has peace broken out ?

2) I forget, was Chou’s prize in petroleum engineering or something else relevant? 

3) What exactly has the dude done so far? Looks to me like the oil is still gushing and heading towards shore …

* * * * *

I didn’t hear any references to the Governors who have stepped up to make things happen.

Why no mention Salazar (it’s his arena), Napolitano (“it’s a matter of national security”), Holder (lien on them and put ‘em in jail), or the head of FEMA (whoever that might be).  Weren’t they dispatched to manage the mess?

There still isn’t an organization structure – staffed by capable managers – that can get control of the situation.

* * * * *

Unprecedented” has replaced “paradigm” as my most dreaded word …

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