Ten Public Speaking Do’s and Don’ts

DO the following:
1. Be interesting.
2. Be passionate.
3. Tell stories.
4. Give examples.
5. Cite case studies.
6. Look at the audience.
7. Let people ask questions anytime.
8. Tell people why they should care.
9. Move your head, hands and body.
10. Finish on time (or early)

DON’T do the following:
1. Read your speech.
2. Do a data dump.
3. Show complex slides with lots of words and small graphics.
4. Stare at your slides and avoid your audience.
5. Be abstract.
6. Use big, complex words.
7. Use Jargon.
8. Be monotone.
9. Be boring.
10. Go over your allotted time.

Source: How to Give a Pretty Good Presentation by T. J. Walker

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