Bending the healthcare cost curve (up) … expect 2011 premiums to increase 9% … or more

You know the drill: ObamaCare is going to bend the cost curve. Just wait and see…

Well, not so fast.


First, nothing substantially  “structural” is being done to the system … unless you count bagging Medicare Advantage everyplace but vote-sensitive Florida .. in essence, money is just being shifted around

Second, tens of millions of folks are getting new coverage … with taxpayers and “insureds” picking up the tab … on top of what they’re already paying.

Third, existing plans are forced to adversely select (i.e. add people with known high cost preconditions to their plans), to cover “adult children” under their parents plans, and to eliminate lifetime caps on payouts.

Somebody has to pay for all those adders … and that somebody is you … both through higher taxes and higher insurance premiums.

Employers are forecasting a 9% increase in total healthcare costs in 2011 – up from 7% in 2010.

Much of the increase is attributable to – you guessed it – ObamaCare.

Many employers say that they’ll pass the increases on to employees … 63 percent say they’ll ask workers to pay a higher portion of the premiums … others will be taking money out of the pay increase bucket … some plan to slash prescription and retiree coverage.

Just wait until the full weight of ObamaCare kicks in.

Get out your wallet.

* * * * *

For more, see “Large Companies Faced With Uncertainty Over Effects of New Health Care Law”

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