Kenmore – Sear's jewel – gets modern.

TakeAway: By any measure Kenmore has been successful over a long period of time. 

Even in today’s intensely competitive home appliance market, it has managed to stay on top across all major appliance categories. 

Now, the brand is being  overhauled in an effort to modernize.

With customer-focused innovations geared toward a new generation, including appliances that transmit data over a phone line in order to troubleshoot, the brand seems likely to stay on top for the foreseeable future.

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Excerpted from Brandchannel, “Kenmore – A classic appliance brand gets a makeover,” by Barry Silverstein, August 17, 2010

There was a time in the annals of American retailing when Sears ruled the universe in both mail order and store sales. While that era is long gone, the venerable Kenmore brand, originally associated with Sears, has maintained its independent leadership position in household appliances.

First introduced on a laundry appliance in 1927 … The brand’s awareness factor is legendary. Today, more people in the United States buy Kenmore than any other appliance brand, one in every three American homes contains a Kenmore appliance, and Kenmore ranks number one or number two in every major appliance category.

Even its rivals know the unshakeable power of the brand — Frigidaire, LG and Whirlpool all manufacture products that are sold under the Kenmore name.

But Kenmore has not rested on its laurels

The trick, of course, is to modernize the brand while retaining and enhancing its long-standing reputation. … that involves four primary areas:

1. “Premium customer touch points,” such as higher quality handles and knobs that are both elegant and ergonomic.
2. “Premium technology,” including user-friendly interfaces such as color-touch LCD displays that are advanced but intuitive and easy to use.
3. Streamlined modern design.
4. New logo and custom font, as well as a new sound palette on select products.

… Kenmore announced an additional innovation called Kenmore Connect, a technology designed to speed up appliance repairs. Kenmore machines with problems have the ability to transmit data over a toll-free phone line for review by company representatives. …

Product design isn’t the only area getting a … makeover. … Kenmore launched an interactive “Kenmore Live Studio” in Chicago. The studio is equipped with cameras that broadcast video via the Internet and includes demonstrations by chefs, presentations, and unveilings of new products that can be shared in real time on the brand’s Facebook page. …

Obviously, Kenmore is making a concerted effort to gain relevancy with a whole new generation of consumers.
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