She’s not qualified to be Senator … so what?

Christine O’Donnell is taking a lot of flack for not being qualified to be a US Senator.

Hmmm.  Started me thinking.

What qualifies somebody to be a Senator?

Does an Ivy League law degree do it? Or, experience running a company?

How about a couple of decades of sleazy backroom dealing?

More directly, what difference does it make if Senators simply vote like lemmings along party lines?

Doesn’t seem like experience matters one bit.

An example: Mark Warner of VA touted his business credentials when he campaigned for the Senate.

Since he’s gotten there, he’s voted straight Dem on all significant issues.

As a former entrepreneur, he sees no risk in raising taxes during a recession. Really?

When he was a CEO, did he make business decisions based on numbers as flakey as the CBO’s?  I doubt it.

I’m not looking for qualifications any more.

I just want somebody who will vote the will of the people instead of the will of their party.


P.S. How come these people weren’t so concerned about qualifications in 2008 ?

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