Goya looks beyond Latinos …

TakeAway: For decades, Goya has been at home in Latino households. 

Now, it’s going after a broader, general market with a new advertising campaign, and for the first time in its 75-year history, Goya is using mobile technology in its efforts.

Goya Foods’ biggest general market effort runs counter to those of many other food companies, which are focusing their efforts on the growing Latino population in the United States.

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Excerpted from NYTimes, “Goya Aims to Expand the Neighborhood” By Tanzina Vega,September 23, 2010

 After conducting focus groups in New York and Houston in June, Goya learned that non-Latinos were looking to “spice up” their everyday meals.

 So, Goya is talking to general market consumers.

Rather than teaching the general population “to cook Latino,” the campaign encourages general market consumers to include Goya products in their everyday cooking (e.g. casseroles, salads and meatloaf) and not just for the occasional taco night.

As part of the effort, Goya worked with the Food Network’s Web site, Foodnetwork.com, and bought a one-day home page banner ad that resulted in more than 700,000 views.

The campaign will not appear on social-networking sites like Twitter and Facebook because Goya’s ad agency hasn’t seen ROI on them.

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