It’s ok (maybe better) if Dems keep Senate and Reid wins …

First, it’s a given that the GOP will retake the House.

That’s good … real good … because:

  • Revenue (i.e. tax) bills originate in the House not the Senate … so, the House can keep passing sensible tax laws and, even if they get stopped in the Senate or vetoed by Obama, members of the House & Senate will have votes on record for 2012
  • The House has subpoena power … so there’ll be a constant string of public hearings on ObamaCare, tax policy, the economy etc. … I doubt that Steven Colbert will get a 2nd bite at the apple
  • While I’d prefer a young gun like Paul Ryan or Kevin McCarthy as the face of the GOP in the House, I think Boehner — with some coaching — can play the role without causing major damage

I also think that a Reid-led Senate would be a good thing … because:

  • If the Dem majority shrinks to, say,  52 … they won’t be able to pass any more mega-destructive legislation … some moderate Dem senators will be running in 2012 … they’ll be less willing to vote like rubber-stamp lemmings
  • I want Reid to be a public face of the Democratic party … it’ll play as “business as usual” and continue to infuriate voters
  • I don’t want Mitch McConnell to be the face of the GOP … he “shows” almost as badly as Reid

In other words, I think a GOP sweep would help Obama’s 2012 re-election run.  He runs against demons, and he’ll have some.

Winning just the House takes some of the wind out of that sail, and lays the groundwork for the GOP in 2012.

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